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  • Film products and photomasks
Film products and photomasks
At EQUA, we specialize in photomasks and other precision thin film products, along with optical components, precision metal components, glass processing, and metal processing. From pattern processing and photomask and photolithography processes to electronic component assembly processes, we provide optimal processes based on our proprietary data processing technology. If you have any questions about our products and technologies, please feel free to contact us by phone, fax, or mail form.

Photomask Products

Photomask Products
What is a Photomask?
A photomask is a plate through which light is shone. In general, it is a master with which a pattern which is the same as an original is transferred photographically onto a substrate.
Photomask Production Method
With photomasks, a pattern for a circuit board, optical component, or the like is first designed using CAD tools. Next, the resulting data is converted into data that can operate laser imaging equipment, electron beam exposure equipment, and the like, and is imaged onto the substrate that is to be used with the photomask. After that, various inspection processes are undergone, and a product results.
Types of Photomask Substrates
The following are some of the types of photomask substrates on which patterning is performed.
Quartz / Soda-lime / Film
For more detailed information regarding photomasks, see the photomasks page.

Chart Products

Chart Products
Types of Charts
Glass charts are for example used to evaluate optical devices, calibrate the positioning precision of production equipment.
In order to check resolution and resolving power, optical component evaluation patterns are utilized in which some number of lines and spaces (from several to several dozen) are arrayed, ones in which the transmittance rate varies in a sinusoidal shape, ones in which a black-and-white pattern is arranged in radial shape, and so on.
Types of Substrates used with Charts
We offer transmission type charts and reflective type charts. We also support various types of glass, including quartz glass.
For more detailed information regarding charts, see the charts page.

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